Waves – A Workation at the Beach

Though times are tough and days are gloomy, you can bring a ray of light in your life! All you need to do is pack your bags and reach Goa. No, we are not talking about a vacation but a workation (Work + Vacation). Sounds new?! You must have heard of vacation and staycation but you can now enjoy your workation at the magnificent beaches of Goa.

Kedar Yoga and Whispering Lake Resort have come up with this unique concept wherein working professionals/Freelancers/Digital Nomads who are working from home right now can come to Goa and live a peaceful life away from hustle and bustle of the city. Our place is located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in India- Arambol, Goa. Our accommodation is only 2 mins away from Arambol beach. Spread over a sprawling 26000 sq. meter area, the property has cottages with a lake view.

Workation at the Beach Arambol Beach

Our cottages are fully equipped with the necessary amenities to help you live comfortably and feel at home. Our cottage can be your home for as long as you wish and as long as work from home scenario continues. It is the much-needed break that you need from the challenges that almost every urban youth, especially people staying away from families are facing.

Just imagine waking up to the sight of a beautiful lake and living in the city of infinite blue beaches adorned by pristine white sand. You can take a walk by the beach and enjoy its abundant beauty. You can soak in the sun or enjoy the beach water. You can also do some meditation and yoga or workout in the open space. A workation will bring a much needed positive change in your life. Living amidst nature can have a relaxing and rejuvenating effect on your senses. You can chill and enjoy the laid back vibe of the Goa while doing your office work.

Beautiful cottages, Goa Outside view at Waves

Who would have thought about enjoying ‘work’ and ‘Goa’ together? Believe it or not, Kedar Yoga and Whispering Lake Resort have made it possible for you! You can now work as well as enjoy the beach life together that too at an affordable cost. If you ever imagined spending life by the beaches or having a home in Goa, you can temporarily make that dream come true!

Details of your stay:

  • A cozy and comfortable room with a lake view.
  • A good internet connection.
  • A table and comfortable chair for work.
  • Breakfast and Lunch included.
  • A 2-min walk from Arambol beach.

Cottages for Waves Workation Rooms at Waves Workation


21,000 INR for twin sharing room and 26,000 INR for a private room.

Life may be challenging because of the ongoing pandemic but you can bring little changes in your life by moving to a place that offers mental peace as well as benefits your health!

Please contact us on Arth on +91-9016816890 for any questions or queries you may have. We would be happy to have you and have a comfortable and productive stay at our place.